90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Customers are encouraged to use the 90 day money back guarantee to verify the effectiveness of the products. Based on customer reports, there are individual differences in experiences and the point at which people feel increased energy, calmness, symptom relief, grounding etc.. For some individuals the chronic 24/7 exposure to EMFs has compromised the immune system, thereby slowing the healing processes in the body. There may be an adaptation period which is different for everyone, and may include mild detoxification symptoms. Therefore the 90 days is offered to the customer to provide the time to fully experience the effectiveness of EarthCalm products. Please call customer service with any questions about the adaptation period.

Failing to notice a “difference” can be due to a number of reasons.

  1. For some, not completing the adjustment in accordance with the instructions can result in an ongoing feeling of general discomfort. You can repeat the adjustment protocol and see if this helps.
  2. The changes are gradual and subtle, so they might not be noticed. To test whether this applies, discontinue use of the product for 7 to 10 days and periodically take note of how you feel over that period of time. Many people who try this find that the EarthCalm product did in fact make a difference.
  3. There is continued exposure to EMFs that has not been addressed and which interfere with the body’s healing energies, thereby mitigating against the benefits of the EarthCalm protection devices. Interference includes, severe microwave radiation emitted by 1) cellphones that are held to the head 2) wireless laptops used in close proximity to the body for extended periods of time and 3) close proximity to wifi networks, cell towers, hydro towers etc.

The number of returns on EarthCalm products is very low. In fact, many of those individuals who return their products repurchase a short time later because, once they re-enter the world of EMFs and the associated constriction, they recognize that the EarthCalm product had indeed made a difference.

Conditions of Use

All EarthCalm circuits include a proprietary tuning process called Harmonic Balancing. Removal or tampering with EarthCalm circuits will interfere with their effectiveness and will void your guarantee and/or warranty. Products and product packaging must be returned in original condition for full refund of the product price; original plastic used to wrap product components are exempt from this requirement.

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