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Dynamically Enhanced Structured WaterTM Unit Custom Made with L-8 Transceiver Technology.


These products are the ultimate solution for EMF detox, healing and resilience and for reconfiguring EMFs emitters to produce beneficial fields resonant with planetary bio-signals - in the moment, as they happen. All this is available in the purchase of only one product one time – completely free of adjustments to make, operating costs, filters, moving parts, replaceable parts, and maintenance!


The basic Structured WaterTM  unit processes regular water into “Structured Water”, which is the pure energized and coherent water meant for all life. The technology within the unit uses Nature’s laws to emulate the events by which Nature purifies water and  empowers its life giving properties and potential. (Nature emulating technology is referred to as “Biomimetic”.) The effectiveness of the technology and associated claims have been validated many, many times by scientific studies and users worldwide. The unit is available in a variety of models, from portable to under sink, whole house ....every application.


EMF Remediating Water is Sensible For the Body


The latest research in Bioengineering shows,


1)  over 99% of the body’s molecules are water molecules and

2)  cell functioning is tied to electromagnetic interface between the cellular water and energies of surrounding water molecules.


This means the quality of water you consume, and the electromagnetic information (energies) that water carries throughout your body, are 2 of the most important determinants of your health.


The L-8 fortified Dynamically Enhanced unit was developed specifically for advanced EMF remediation applications. This specialized unit incorporates a nature-driven ion exchange process and natural materials. The combined effect is the production of Structured Water that,


1. neutralizes the adverse effects EMF has on water’s properties and potential;

2. blocks the body from EMF;

3. detoxifies the body of EMF;

4. builds EMF resilience throughout the body; and

5. provides powerful support of the body’s healing processes;


The key factor is the abundance of planetary bio-energetic signals that are imbued in the water during the water structuring process. These signals are generated by the planet’s electromagnetic field (known as Schumann Resonance). These signals are meant for all life. Ordinarily, these are richly available in Earth’s electrical airwaves and naturally occurring water. These signals, however, are less accessible due to interference from electropollution and the body’s accumulation of EMF energy.– especially since the introduction of wireless technologies 


EMF Remediating Structured Water Provides Dynamic EMF Resilience


Since the Structured Water generated by these units is rich in planetary bio-signals,

 it is terrifically grounded and grounding to Earth’s bio-electrical field.

Consumption immerses the body deeply and fully in that EMF-shielding and healing life-necessary field.




This immersion creates a powerful natural electrical ground. It thereby blocks the body’s absorption of EMF and

provides the body with a natural release mechanism for the letting go/dissipation of accumulated EMF.


EMF Remediating Structured Water Reconfigures EMF Emitters



Structured Water terrifically resonant to Earth’s Bio-Energetic field offers a unique, health-enriching, and enduring means of remediating emissions generated by electrical, wireless and motorized equipment/appliances. For, the energy of Structured Water disarms biologically harmful EMF, by absorption of its positively charged ions (the biologically disruptive aspect of EMF), and overlays its own pattern of energies.


The L-8 Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water unit includes a free guidebook of techniques for extending the EMF remediation to reconfigure EMF emitters.  Using these techniques you can, 1) create a natural electromagnetic environment throughout and around the home, office, car, ….and 2) cause personal wireless devices (e.g.., wifi router, cell phone, ipad, fitbit) to emit safe, health enriching fields. These field acts as a “bubble” that buffers (entrains) EMF energy in your surroundings.




Support Your Health By Confidently Forgetting About EMFs!


Findings in the new science of Epigenetics (Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden,) and the Law of Coherence, (agreed upon by quantum physicists) tell us,


the body draws and absorbs more EMF and is more likely to develop adverse reaction to EMF,

when the individual focuses on EMF emitters and worries about their harmful effects on the body.


Consuming Structured Water processed using the Dynamically Enhanced L-8 fortified structuring unit together with modifying EMF emitters with the associated techniques, provides you with the freedom to turn your attention to enjoying the pleasures available in each moment. 



Development of L-8 Transceiver Technology


Liala Ackerman Epstein, the developer of L-8 Transceiver Technology (2016) was trained by Clayton Nolte in the science of Structured Water and his structuring technology. She distributes his Structured WaterTM units since 2009. Clayton’s words, “what more is possible” inspired Liala to look at Structured Water as a potent and wholly natural agent for EMF remediation. She applied her knowledge and expertise to accomplish 2 objectives: 1) outfit the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water unit to imbue Structured Water with bio-energies that create powerful EMF resilience; and 2) develop techniques that efficiently use the imbued Structured Water as a “tool“ to replace the need for multiple devices - layers of protection, to deal with the proliferation of EMF in everyday life.


Liala’s knowledge and expertise in EMF remediation evolved from her university training and education; her own experiences as a “canary in a coal mine” researching and working with natural solutions to long term EMF induced maladies; mentoring by pioneers in energy-based health treatment (Dr. Ravi Devgan), Bio-energetic Grounding (Jean Gallick) and Applied Water Research (Clayton Nolte). Liala works extensively, since 2007 with individuals who experience debilitating reactions to EMF. She worked directly with the inventor of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products, in product development and application from 2007 to 2016. Throughout that same period, she worked in the creation and presentation of information for the EarthCalm company website. Liala operated, as the exclusive Canadian distributor of EarthCalm products from 2008 to 2016.


All EarthCalm products,EXCEPT the Sanctuary and Photon products are compatible with use of the L-8 Dynamically Enhanced Structured WaterTM unit.


The L-8 Dynamically Enhanced Structured WaterTM unit is available exclusively at CLICK HERE TO VISIT


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