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Thank you for considering EarthCalm EMF Protection Products, the healthiest and most sensible solution to EMFs. Learn about EarthCalm Technology


How to Use EarthCalm Products


EarthCalm provides devices for all sources of EMF exposure and electropollution, both inside and outside the home. All EarthCalm products work together synergistically, adding layers of specialized protection. EarthCalm recommends everyone start with a Whole Home EMF Protection System and cell phone protection. Personal EMF protection is also highly recommended for everyone, after first acclimating to EarthCalm technology with use of an EarthCalm Whole Home EMF Protection System.

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Whole Home EMF Protection 

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Personal EMF Protection


Nova Resonators

10% off popular resonators


Traditional and Infinity Systems



Update Plugs for earlier systems




Wireless Protection

Quantum Cell





Torus for wireless devices when used away from home

Specialty Devices





Especially for people with electromagnetic sensitivity or

a compromised immune system.





for car and motorized equipment




Are you especially sensitive to EMFs?

Please inquire about products, services and suggestions especially for individuals who are electrosensitive or facing health challenges.

416-222-2368  1-800-993-9123  info@earthcalm.ca



Whole Home Protection


Thrive in a Home Environment that’s Naturally Right for Your Body!


The EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System

is the one complete system you need for powerful calming, healing protection

from all sources of EMF radiation in your home.



Use this system, to instil Earth’s natural EMFs throughout your home. Live in health and harmony with EMFs emitted by your home’s electricity, (wiring, appliances, lighting, etc.) and all wireless sources, including the home’s router, cordless phone system, and hydro and water smart meters.


Complete home EMF protection is highly important to support rejuvenation and healing that takes place during sleep. Jean Gallick, the inventor of EarthCalm products, insists the Home EMF Protection System is important for everyone, because of the health -supporting electromagnetic environment that results from using the device. Also, because the Home EMF Protection System totally frees the nervous system from resonating to the home’s AC wiring grid -  a stress inducing and immune damaging consequence of living surrounded by an AC electrical grid.

When using an EarthCalm Home EMF System, your home’s wireless router generates an added layer of grounding protection from external EMF sources. Where there is no wireless router or internet service in the home, consider converting your wired router to wireless function or introducing a store bought wireless router (without internet service), for the added layer of EMF protection it provides throughout the home and around your property, depending on the signal strength of the router.


1 system protects all areas served by

the same electrical hydro meter.

The system is available in 2 designs manufactured with the same technology.


Save 10%

These systems protect against

all sources of EMF radiation in your home


Home EMF Protection System




Home EMF Protection System

To learn more about the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System click here

4 stage system

Uses 2 electrical outlets

Regular Price: $486


Sale Price: $437.40


4 stage system

Uses 1 electrical outlet

Regular Price: $553


Sale Price: $497.70


Locate cell phone towers in your Canadian neighborhood/city. Type your address in the search bar on this web page: click here

EMF Radiation Generated By Wireless & Internet-Ready Devices


View detailsHands using cell phone  


Wireless and internet ready devices generate powerful and especially harmful EMFs and are used in close proximity to the body for extended periods of time. Most common everyday devices include: cell phones, cordless phones, wireless routers, wearable wireless technology, Blue Ray players, game consoles, DVR devices, MP3 players, Tablets, Ipads, e-Readers, GPS devices, hand held interact and similar devices, Satellite radios and baby strollers equipped with wireless technology.




Quantum Cell


The Quantum Cell is the safest and healthiest cell phone radiation protection on the market today.  EarthCalm Quantum Cell technology provides benefits simply not available from other cell phone protectors that create artificial radiation-masking fields (that potentially confuse and damage the body's electrical underpinnings) or redirect radiation away from the head and into the hand instead.


The Quantum Cell Protector uniquely re-establishes resonance with Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies - as they happen in the moment, to fortify and protect the body in it's natural electromagnetic environment. Research shows the Quantum Cell protector:


blocks the damaging effects of cell phone radiation - including inhibition of human DNA activity;

powerfully promotes the body's healing energies;

normalizes and activates nervous system potential; and

shields against ambient cell phone radiation.


Quantum Protector $161



The Quantum is reusable -easily transferred to another phone, and works equally well inside or outside a phone cover.

More information

Cell phone used seldom or only for emergency ?


The Quantum can be used on a cell phone (even one that is without phone service), that is turned “on” to generate a layer of protection in electropolluted environments.


Wifi - RF Protective Devices


The Torus and Omega  are for use while transporting or using wireless and internet-ready devices away from home. The Torus also transforms a wireless router or modem including compact travel-style models, into a protective device.


Torus  $161



  More information

Omega  $149







EarthCalm Family Wireless Pack

Save 10%

2 Quantum Cell Protectors + 2 Torus Wifi Protectors


Regular Price:$644  Pack Price: $579.60





 Vehicle & Motorized Equipment Radiation Protection


Enjoy increased alertness and calm in your car or when using motorized equipment.

Voyager Protector $161




The Voyager protects drivers, passengers and operators against the radiation generated and conducted by vehicles and motorized equipment. The Voyager also protects against EMFs conducted from sources outside the vehicle, such as cell towers and hydro power lines. Portable and transferrable. More information





  Savings! Save 10% on Select Items


The EarthCalm Nova Resonator is designed for continuous wear. The Nova Resonator provides protection from all EMF sources in your surroundings, when worn outside your EarthCalm-protected home. When worn inside your EarthCalm-protected home, the Nova provides amplified benefits.


All Nova Resonator styles contain EarthCalm’s Mirror Resonance Technology and carry the same strength technology. The Sanctuary Nova Bracelet and Nova Sports Band are especially recommended for those who are electrosensitive, facing health challenges or want maximum EMF protection in conditions with dense electropollution. The Nova Bracelet and Nova Sports Band contain EarthCalm’s Mirror Resonance and Sanctuary 2 Technologies. Sanctuary 2 utilizes the principles of an electromagnetic transformer to create a voltage fence protective of the body’s own nervous system.

consists of the establishment of a protected zone based on the concept of a voltage fence.

More information


These products can be worn in combination with each other

for dynamic layered protection from EMFs.


S Series Nova Resonator Necklaces


Stainless Steel cylinder

1-1/2″ x 3/8″ and weighs 1 oz.


Choice of black, silver or bronze colour attached to a Sterling silver 24” chain


Regular $299  Now $269.10






Sports Model in choice of

silver or bronze attached to a

24”titanium cord.

The titanium encased in the cord has properties that provide health benefits.


Regular $299 Now $269.90


Stone Nova Resonator Necklaces



Choice of Black Onyx,

Rose Quartz or Blue Lapis

all 18mm diam.


Sterling silver mount and

Sterling Silver 24” chain.


Regular $336  Now $302.40






Traditional Nova Resonator


Sterling silver pendent 5.5 cm

Sterling Silver 24” chain


Regular $349 Now $314








Nova Resonator Comet


Sterling Silver Resonator and Chain


Ankle Bracelet:  1-3/8" long resonator tube and 9” adjustable chain

(total length is 10-3/8”)  weighs 3 oz.


Pendant:  1-1/4" long resonator tube, weighs 3 oz. Chain is 18".


Regular $349  Now $314


Nova Resonator Ankle Bracelet


9” Sterling silver chain with

Choice of 18 mm

Black Onyx or

Rose Quartz in a

Sterling silver mount


Regular $336  Now $302.40





The Sanctuary Nova Bracelet and Nova Sports Band are EarthCalm’s most powerful personal protection products. All styles are made with 8mm beads and 18” memory wire. The technology is inserted within the end caps and in the memory wire. The end caps are brass on the Burma Jade, Red Creek Jasper and Picture Jasper bracelets and silver plated on the Black onyx bracelet.



 Burma Jade

Red Creek Jasper

Matte Black Onyx

Picture Jasper


Nova Bracelet







The Nova Sports Band is worn around the ankle, wrist or upper arm, The band is constructed of nylon and is waterproof.





Specialized Products

 The LunarShield is engineered for those who are electrosensitive, facing health challenges or want maximum EMF protection in conditions with dense electropollution.

The shield amplifies grounding to the Earth's electromagentic field, and works in synergy with the protection provided by the Personal Resonator and Home EMF Protection System (4-part system). The shield uses EarthCalm’s Sanctuary 2 Technology. The shield generates a field that creates a voltage fence between the person within the field and electropollutants in the environment. The technology acts as a voltage transformer. The technology uses an overlapping coil which is activated by a DC battery such that the generated field interacts with itself. The voltage within the coil is altered enough to amplify the ground to the earth’s electromagnetic field of the electrical system (your body) that is within the coil. The product is to be used with a surge protector.





 The LunarShield wraps around the bed to provide you with  deep, restorative and refreshing sleep (30 foot length suitable for all bed sizes). It can also provide daytime protection when used to enclose a seating area, or work space.




EarthCalm Home EMF Protection Update Plugs


In recent years, EarthCalm has developed and strengthened the power of the Home EMF Protection device in response to increased levels of electropollution in homes. The EarthCalm Update Plugs upgrade earlier systems to create a 5 part system operating at current standards.


All systems purchased prior to September 2014, consist of 3 components: plug-in base unit and 2 plug-ins labeled "Scalar" and "System". Adding the 4th and 5th plugs upgrades these systems to current standards.


Systems purchased after May 2013 through September 2014 included the 4th (blank) plug and require the 5th plug only for update.



Home System - Update Plug




4th Plug Upgrade  $59




5th Plug Upgrade $69




   Text Box: 4PAWS Pet EMF Protection Collar 


The 4PAWS Pet EMF Protection Collar is specially designed to protect pets from the adverse health effects of EMF exposure. Benefits reported by customer who have used this product on their pets include:    


Improved alertness

Greater calm

Reduction in allergies

More even temperament, less aggression

More energy and playfulness in older pets

Less signs of stress and anxiety

Less inflammation in muscles and joints

Overall better health and well-being


The collar is made of durable, water-resistant black nylon, and infused with pet-safe EarthCalm technology. It repels liquid, dirt and coat oils, reducing the spread of bacteria.


Four sizes: Small (½” x 8” – 12”), Medium (1” x 10” – 16”),  Large (1” x 14” – 20”)

and X-Large (1″ x 18″ – 26″).


4PAWS Pet EMF Protection Collar  $211

4PAWS Pet Protector


This is a special order product. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.



Please Note: EarthCalm products are made in the U.S.A..

All prices are subject to change

based on the rate of exchanging the Canadian dollar into U.S. currency.


Why not use the 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee period

to monitor your own experiences using EarthCalm EMF Protection?




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