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Omega Wifi Protector


Provides Protection from Radiation produced by the Home’s Wireless Router,

Internet-Ready Devices & External Sources of EMFs


The Omega Wifi protector attaches to a wireless router, to modulate EarthCalm’s grounding patterns into the EMF microwave field generated by the router. The grounding field of protection also serves to connect the body to the Earth’s healing energies. The grounding information transmitted by the router extends to all internet-ready devices associated to router, resulting in protective, grounding emissions from the associated devices.


The router with an installed Omega generates a “bubble” of protection against sources external to the home such as smart meters, neighbours’ wifi networks and nearby cell towers, hydro towers or wind turbines. The protection involves the process of “entrainment”. Through this process, the EarthCalm grounding patterns within the Omega-protected field, are transferred to the electromagnetic frequencies entering the Omega-protected field. The coverage extends in tandem with the range of the router. The stronger the router, the stronger the protection it provides when the Omega is installed. 


Varied Uses of an Omega-Protected Router 


Where wireless internet is in use in the home, the Omega Wifi Protector installed on the home's wireless router, protects against wireless EMFs from,


1. the home’s router

2. all internet ready and wireless devices associated to the router, and

3. external sources.


Where there is no internet service in the home, install the Omega Wifi Protector on a store bought router (without internet service) to generate a field of protection against external sources of wireless EMFs.


Where a remote wireless router broadcasts internet to the home, hotel room, student dorm, office, or anywhere else, install the Omega on a personal store bought wireless router to protect against wireless EMFs from,


1. the external router and

2. other external sources.


When accessing internet from a remote router, set the personal, store bought router to “repeater” function to protect against EMFs from the home’s internet ready and wireless devices that are associated to the remote router or programmed to the router-repeater.


For portable protection, consider using the Omega Wifi Protector in combination with a compact, travel-sized router. 


Supplemental protection is recommended for cordless phones, cell phones and internet ready devices that are not associated to the Omega protected router.


Prior adjustment to the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System is recommended. The Home EMF Protection System consists of a 4 stage process for gentle and gradual adjustment to the powerful layer of EMF protection provided by the Omega Wifi protector. Also, the home protection system protects against EMFs associated with the home’s AC electrical grid (lighting and appliances) and smart meters, thereby ending a significant hold on the nervous system and barrier to grounding.


Live in Harmony with Wireless EMFs



Smart Meter Concerns


For protection specifically against neighbourhood smart meters, as well as complete protection from the home’s smart meter, click here to read about  the EarthCalm Torus.


Other In Home Uses:


The Omega can be used in situations where operation of an LED television is discomforting, and the television cannot be connected, wirelessly, to the Omega-protected router.  In this situation, the Omega can be installed directly on the television’s USB or Ethernet port, or on the PVR associated with the television. (The Torus can be permanently affixed to the Television for the same protection as the Omega.)


Away from Home Uses:

The Omega provides portable EMF protection on a laptop, other computer, or internet ready device.           

Omega Wifi Protector: $179 

Choice of Standard Omega or with Adapter for USB Port


  omega wifi


The Omega measures approximately 2-1/4″ x 3/4″ (the size and shape of a flash drive).  The Standard Version Omega attaches to the router with adhesive tape that peels off for re-use on another router.



The Omega WiFi has been independently tested

and  awarded the IIREC Seal


 IIREC Test seal

EarthCalm’s Omega WiFi has been independently tested against radiation from a wireless router and proven effective in restoring–and in some cases, improving–the body’s natural, healthy balance.

The testing was done by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), a government–funded research institute in Austria. The IIREC is a world-renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices.

The study demonstrated with both a Precision Teslameter and Heart Variability Meter that the Omega WiFi effectively reversed the negative effects of WiFi radiation. For this and similar tests done on other EarthCalm products, EarthCalm was awarded the IIREC seal of approval. For details, see full report.



Additional studies on this EarthCalm product are presented on the Research page.  






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