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The Seal on the left was awarded to EarthCalm Electromagnetic Field (EMF) protection products following independent testing by the world renowned, International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC). This seal certifies the effectiveness of EarthCalm EMF protection devices.


EarthCalm EMF Protection products were proven in IIREC testing to harmonize disruptive electromagnetic fields (including geopathic) with the natural (bio-compatible) frequencies of the Earth.  And, in doing so, to restore healthy functioning. According to the IREC, this action is “the healthiest means of EMF protection”. Equally as impressive, EarthCalm protection was also seen to propel the body's healing energies for improved health.  Details


Identifying a Problem


Jean Gallick, EarthCalm’s founder and inventor, began research on the biological effects of EMFs, driven by the need to improve her own failing health. Based on her studies, Jean identified biologically incompatible EMFs, such as those produced by lighting, hydro lines, cell phones, etc., as a serious threat to human health.


The threat arises from the potential to degrade the immune system, impair brain and heart activity and undermine the body’s healing abilities. This is because, biologically incompatible EMFs induce circulating currents in the body that:


1. constrict both the nervous system and energy pathways (acupuncture meridian system);

2. interfere with the body’s own electromagnetic field;

3. interrupt cell and DNA functioning; and

4. impede the body’s connection to the natural electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth’s vibrational pulse– a connection science has deemed to be essential to optimal health.


The Solution


EarthCalm’s EMF protection devices use the laws of nature (Quantum Physics) to powerfully immerse the body fully in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, which is by definition a natural electrical ground. The grounding provides the body with a healthy way to dissipate disruptive inducted currents. In addition to protecting against EMFs, using EarthCalm devices also re-establishes and strengthens the body’s natural and health-dependent connection to the Earth’s frequencies.

The  connection propels the body's healing energies for improved health. EarthCalm’s approach to EMF protection is, therefore, both protective of, and especially beneficial to, good health.  Jean Gallick, EarthCalm’s inventor, explains the grounding princiiples in the following interview.











Living Earth Technology


All EarthCalm devices provide everlasting protection from hazardous electromagnetic fields (EMFs), by the use of Jean Gallick’s proprietary geometric circuits. The circuits work synergistically to ground the bio-energy field of human, animal and plant life, fully in the vibrational pulse of the Earth that resonates between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere (Schumann Resonances). One of the effects of the circuits is to naturally activate Scalar Resonance in the nervous system. This action exponentially deepens the grounding and amplifies the benefits.  (EarthCalm was the first manufacturer in the industry to develop and incorporate scalar resonance technology.)  Details


The “Healthiest  Means of EMF Protection”

Science has shown when all of the natural frequencies of the Earth are received as nature intended,  the body functions in a naturally healthy way. Further, that body processes becomes dysfunctional when the body’s connection to the Earth’s field is weakened. The body’s natural dependence for all of the Earth’s frequencies is not served by EMF protection devices which seek to protect by grounding the user to the Earth's crust, shielding against EMFs, blocking out EMFs, or with material that is activated or charged with bio-compatible frequency, (which often lose effectiveness without the user knowing). These protective devices deliver a single frequency or a fraction of the Earth’s field, which is unnatural for the body. Some that  block out all electromagnetic frequencies also block the Earth’s frequencies.

EarthCalm Living Earth Technology provides users with an everlasting natural and highly effective return of the body to its birthright, in the embrace of the Earth’s vibrational pulse, for the healthiest - the ultimate, in EMF protection.  

EarthCalm Products are 100% maintenance-free, cost nothing to operate, function continuously and indefinitely.


A Quantum Physical Means of EMF Protection


EarthCalm products are renowned worldwide for their nature-driven, state-of the-art technology, powerful effects and ease-of-use by everyone including children, people with chronic conditions and those who identify as electrosensitive. EarthCalm is consistently developing beneficial technologies and innovative devices in response to new sources of EMF exposure and increasing levels of electropollution, both inside and outside the home.

EarthCalm makes it simple for everyone to live in harmony with everyday modern conveniences and enjoy protection against EMFs from household electricity, appliances, smart meters, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, wireless devices, cell towers, hydro lines etc...  

The latest generation of products provides the deepest level in grounding technology; an important contribution in EarthCalm’s vision to assist in self healing, thus supporting the fullest potential of human experience and awareness.


Some of the Many Benefits Customers Report :


Sense of calm and relaxation

Reduced pain and relief of chronic pain

Mental clarity and enhanced performance

Increased energy and vitality

Greater resilience to colds and flu

Deeper, more refreshing sleep

Greater ability to handle stress

Reduction in frequency and severity of migraines

Improved blood pressure and diabetes readings


For their children:


Improved attention

Improved grades

Better emotional control

Improved Sleep

Reduction in frequency and severity of asthma


Improved impulse control and calmer behaviour















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Living Earth Technology


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