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Products that do more than just protect you from the adverse effects of EMFs.
Developed in Over

Of Pioneering &

All electrical and wireless devices emit electromagnetic energies (EMFs) that are harmful to living things.

EarthCalm protects you from all daily sources of EMFs, such as electricity, appliances, power lines, Wi-Fi, cell phones, laptops, cell phone towers, smart meters and other wireless devices.

The Ultimate in EMF Protection

EarthCalm EMF Protection products shield you in
the natural electromagnetic environment
your body was meant to thrive in.

Immersing in Earth’s natural electromagnetic field (Schumann Resonance) provides dynamic EMF protection and promotes your naturally healthy well-being!

EarthCalm EMF Protection provides you with a sensible, healthy and healing solution to EMFs.

EarthCalm’s Revolutionary Living Earth Technology
Enhanced EMF Protection

Living Earth Technology developed from over more than 30 years of EMF modulation research,
focussed on supporting the body’s own electrical processes during exposure to man-made EMFs.

Working with natural laws and proprietary geometric circuits, EarthCalm technology encodes EMFs to be harm-free and uniquely beneficial to the body. To protect the body in the healthiest of ways, EarthCalm technology grounds the body’s bio-energy field deeply in it’s natural home, the natural frequencies of Earth’s electromagnetic field - whatever they happen to be in the moment.

This immersion, in fact a natural electrical ground, provides the body with a highly effective natural way to rid itself of EMFs. At the same time, fortifying the body’s natural connection to biological timing mechanisms and templates of healing that are contained in Earth’s electromagnetic field and critical for good normal health, deep healing and life itself.

Powered by Nature.

Backed by Science.

IIREC Certified

Research Findings

  1. EMFs generated with EarthCalm technology in use harmonize with Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies.
  2. Within 5 minutes of introducing an EarthCalm product during conditions of EMF exposure,

    1. unhealthy stress-related reactions to EMFs subside and
    2. health improves significantly and dramatically above pre-exposure normal (baseline) levels.

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Unique Benefits

Experience the remarkable benefits of EMF protection that helps you be naturally healthier, energized, calm, mentally alert and feel good, while enjoying or exposed to electrical and wireless technology.

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One Time Purchase for a Lifetime of Carefree Use

EarthCalm products operate with no recharging, operating costs, moving parts, replaceable parts, or maintenance.

Use EarthCalm’s 90 day satisfaction guarantee to test the difference of EarthCalm’s healing EMF protection for yourself.

We recommend you start with the Home EMF Protection System and Quantum Cell Protector,
then add specialized protection devices to protect against other EMF sources.

Jean Gallick, inventor of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products, explains,
Living Earth Technology, (video left) and
Earth’s Electromagnetic Field (Schumann Resonances) (video right).

Now, use EarthCalm EMF protection and revitalize into your best health.

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