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Jean Gallick

EarthCalm’s Founder and Inventor

Founded over 30 years ago, EarthCalm specializes in technology to protect and facilitate recovery from health impairment due to biologically meaningless electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). EarthCalm EMF protection technology developed from the passionate work of EarthCalm's inventor, Jean Gallick. EarthCalm products originate from the healing devices she engineered for herself after applying her scientific training to identify and protect against the culprit behind her chronic ill health. Each and every EarthCalm product reflects Jean's commitment to supporting the body's energies fully and in the healthiest of ways, during exposure to EMF radiation.


All electrical and wireless devices generate EMFs.

EMFs live on forever and travel indefinitely on Earth’s natural electrical airwaves.



Risk to Health & Sanity



The Dual Dangers of EMFs


EMFs absorbed into the body interact negatively with the body’s electrical processes -the driving force behind the physical body and the mind.  Volumes of scientific research indicate EMFs,


disrupt the functioning of the cells and DNA;

induce tension and associated stress responses;

create electrical currents that can accumulate in the body.


EMF absorption and electropollution in the environment impede the body’s access to biological timing mechanisms and templates of healing contained in Earth’s electromagnetic field (Schumann Resonances).  Continuous communication with these electromagnetic signals, in their natural form - free of EMF interference, is imperative for optimal health, deep healing and life itself.


Hazardous EMF radiation blankets most of the planet and saturates homes, work places, schools ...


Ongoing exposure to EMF radiation causes general dysfunction that displays as physical, emotional and

mental health symptoms, and weakens one’s sense of well-being.


Emerging Health Epidemic Linked to

EMF Exposure


In June 2012, Toronto Women’s College Hospital, recognized Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) as an EMF-associated medical condition and announced an initiative to educate family doctors about EHS. When asked about these developments, Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director, of the hospital’s Environmental Health Clinic, commented:


“Every year we are getting more and more people coming in ....I’m very concerned, because the stories are very, very compelling ....These are not crazy people. There is a huge, huge problem.”

National Post’” newspaper, August 11, 2012.  



Healing Protection From The Dual Dangers of EMFs


The common practice of EMF blocking/shielding creates a barrier

between the body and Earth's life-giving electromagnetic signals;

a Band-Aid approach to EMFs that causes collateral damage to health.


EarthCalm provides a much healthier solution to EMFs.

EarthCalm technology makes a qualitative change to EMFs

that disarms them and blankets the body

with Earth's natural electromagnetic signals 24/7, as they happen in the moment.


EarthCalm’s nature-driven technology,


1. equips the body with a highly effective natural means of ridding and detoxifying EMF contaminants from the body regardless of source, including geopathic;

2. establishes and secures the body’s moment to moment experience of the full spectrum of Earth’s vital electromagnetic resonances, as they happen;

3. well beyond neutralizing EMFs of their harmful effects, vitalizes the immune system and supports healthy biological functioning during EMF exposure, right down to the level of the DNA;

4. makes it safe and in fact health-promoting to use electrical, wireless and motorized conveniences, as EarthCalm technology causes their EMFs to harmonize with as well as draw and amplify, Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies;

5. works indefinitely at the same strength (maintenance free and failure-free), using only Laws of Nature in concert with the body’s natural electromagnetic resonance; and

6. is backed by sound scientific testing.


EarthCalm EMF Protection Provides the Body with a Natural EMF Release Mechanism


EarthCalm technology works using proprietary geometric circuits, which mirror the structure of Earth’s electromagnetic field, and are configured based on their natural electromagnetic properties. The EarthCalm circuits, acting as resonant antennae, heighten both the body’s innate resonance to Earth’s electromagnetic field and the availability of those planetary signals for the body; thereby activating grounding of the body’s bio-energy field deeply in Earth’s electromagnetic field.


EarthCalm technology activates a highly specialized grounding- a natural electrical ground, that provides the body with an effective natural, safe and gentle way to rid EMF contaminants. So effective, it fully reverses the adverse impact of EMFS on Human DNA energies and boosts those energies dramatically above levels observed before exposure to EMF radiation.


More Beneficial than Grounding or Earthing 

Connecting to Earth’s crust allows some dissipation of EMFs and connection to Earth’s surface energies.

Living Earth Technology

A natural solution that is

simply right for your body!


EarthCalm EMF Protection Products immerse your bio-energy field

fully and deeply,

 in the natural electromagnetic home

your body was meant to thrive in.


EarthCalm EMF Protection Products provide you with

dynamic EMF protection

and naturally promotes your well-being.


.EarthCalm EMF Protection Restores and Promotes Natural Healthy Biological Processes


Multiple studies show use of EarthCalm products during EMF exposure protects and vitalizes the body:

Within 5 minutes of introducing an EarthCalm product during conditions of EMF exposure, debilitating reactions to EMFs subside and health measurements improve significantly and dramatically above levels observed before EMF exposure.


EarthCalm Specialized Products Protect Against Harm From All Sources of EMF Radiation


EarthCalm products work together, synergistically, adding layers of protection, as needed. The Quantum Cell Protector and Home EMF Protection System are the first layer of protection.


EarthCalm products create the electromagnetic environment that’s naturally right for the body.


Using EarthCalm EMF protection in the home, office, car, hotel room, on a cell phone

 ...installs Earth’s naturally occurring frequencies and eliminates the dangers of EMF radiation.



Jean Gallick, EarthCalm’s inventor, explains

  EarthCalm Technology, (video left). and

Schumann Resonances (video right)




Use EarthCalm Devices To

Eliminate Harmful EMF Effects and

Live Fully in Earth’s Protective and Healing Pulse!



Experience the Difference with EarthCalm EMF Protection Products!


Some of the Many Benefits

EarthCalm Customers Report


Sense of calm 

Mood elevation

Relief of chronic pain 

Mental clarity 

Increased energy

Alleviation of chronic headaches and migraines

Relief of asthma symptoms

Relief from digestive & sleeping disorders

Improved blood pressure

Improved diabetes readings

Greater resilience to colds and flu

Deeper, more refreshing sleep 

Greater ability to handle stress

Stops the “hurt” associated with EHS


“My good health degenerated after the wind turbines were installed near my home last year.  I would have died without EarthCalm products. When I plugged in the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System, I felt the pain and brain fog lift.  “ Sharlene Phillips, Ontario


“My shipment arrived today and I immediately plugged it in (1st phase). Unbelievable is all I can say! While I've already noticed a few changes since I plugged it in at 1:30 pm, the biggest  was an end to those waves (pulsating) from the computer that gave me a headache and made my eyes go buggy!” Linda Redman, British Columbia


“My son and daughter-in-law stopped being skeptical about EMF dangers when her almost daily migraines vanished after she installed the Quantum Cell Protector I gave her.” J. Fitzgerald, Ontario


The EarthCalm devices have saved my life. After the smart meter was installed, my symptoms were so bad, I thought I was dying. The smart meter had a devastating effect on my animals, as well. Both my dogs and my doves started showing extreme symptoms. But within a week or two, both I and my animals were back to normal. EarthCalm has restored our health!”  Terry Yada, North Vancouver, British Columbia


I linked the terrible chest pains I experienced at the family cottage to the wifi router in my cottage bedroom and other nearby EMF polluters. Otherwise I would have thought I was having a heart attack. Thankfully, the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System I ordered was in the mailbox when I arrived home. The chest pain lessened immediately after I plugged in the system and was gone by noon the next day. I've been back to the cottage many times since and always take with the EarthCalm system. What a difference!!! Pam Robinson, Ontario


Parents report  their children show:


Improved attention

Improved grades

Improved sleep

Improved impulse control



“My son Jamie was 14 years old when I bought EarthCalm products several years ago. His grades were near failing and improved by the 4th year of use to A+. There were also huge improvements in his behavior and social interaction, that began within the first 3 weeks of use. Jamie credits EarthCalm for his successes and says the products help him think clearer and make learning easier. Thank you Jean, for your life changing inventions”  Leah Kerman, Ontario


“We installed the EarthCalm system in our home almost 3 weeks ago. WOW! We definitely notice the difference. I haven't been yelled at by my children in that time, and the house just seems 'quiet'. My ADHD son, has had the biggest change. Homework with him used to be a nightmare. Hours long of a screaming match just to get 10 Math questions finished. Now? He sits down and in no time, it's done. The 'fight' is gone!!! 

I am a true believer in this Earthcalm system, and taking it back to basics, as nature intended. Very good decision we've made for our family, pets and home. “

Brenda L. Johnson, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Testimonials From Customers Who Purchased in the Last 90 Days


“After a ton of research, I decided I would try Earth Calm Products for EMF protection, and I'm glad I did. I now own the Home System, Nova Sports Band, Quantum Cell Protector and Wifi Protector and they are incredible.  I really feel the difference the Home System makes, especially during the adjustment stages. With the Sports Band, I've had peace of mind knowing I have the same protection as at home for my body when I'm out and about (with additional benefits for the nervous system).  Knowing I can put my cell phone at my head with no more ill effects... it's actually beneficial to have my phone on now! I like that the Quantum is very thin and I don't notice it under my cell phone case.


The Wifi protector is special. I have created my own little system with a travel router (photo on right). Whenever I can, I take my little TP-Link travel router with me, powered by a mini USB battery pack with the EarthCalm protector attached. The battery charge lasts me a whole day, while the wifi signal turns into a beneficial shield! I feel good about helping to protect the people around me when I have it with me.


I thought about how much terrible EMF was out there, and how much I was sure that it was affecting me, and the investments made complete sense. Plus, they never expire and don't need to be re-charged. Best thing for me is, I basically set it, and forget it! I invested in these products and now I just live my life with less worry and not to mention overall well being because of the fields they emit. I sometimes forget about them, but I am confident and secure knowing they're there. I'm glad I found EarthCalm, and believe they are the leading company in EMF protection. I recommend their products whole heartedly. You'll "feel" the protection!’

Daniel, Uxbridge, Ontario

The battery pack attaches  to the portable router with velcro tape.


“I tried a different product that helped quite a bit, but it did nothing to prevent fluorescent lights and the home furnace from depleting my energy. Then I tried Earthcalm -- what a difference!  I no longer wake up feeling like I was being chased all night; I still don't like the brightness of fluorescent lights but they no longer deplete me.  I have been trying to regain weight for years, and when I started wearing the pendant, I gained 5 lbs. in only 10 days!  Using my cell phone or being around Wifi and cordless phones would wreak havoc on my digestion. Since using EarthCalm I have superb digestion and I also no long sweat and feel stressed around Wifi and cordless phones!  Thank you Liala, for your fabulous support every time that I phone!  I have not had this much energy in over 25 years -- thanks to EarthCalm.” Sandy, St. Catharines, Ontario


EarthCalm Products provide the ultimate in EMF protection

for healing, being well, and feeling good in an electro-frying world.




 Learn what sets EarthCalm apart from other EMF devices.




Learn more about the ingenuity behind EarthCalm products.


Products & Pricing


Specialized products.

 for every level of health & age.


EarthCalm’s Reputation

EarthCalm products are recommended by doctors, health professionals, and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers world-wide.

EarthCalm products are renowned worldwide for their powerful effects and ease-of-use by everyone including children, people with chronic conditions and those who identify as electrosensitive.

EarthCalm is  continuously creating and recreating and innovative devices in response to new sources of EMF exposure and increasing levels of electro-pollution, both inside and outside the home. The latest generation of products provides the deepest level in Resonant Amplification technology; an important contribution in EarthCalm’s vision to assist in self healing, thus supporting the fullest potential of human experience and awareness.

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The products and/or technologies listed on this website are not approved by Health Canada or any government health agency and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician or health care practitioner for any questions about EMFs and your health.


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Latest Research


Quantum Biology Research Lab

Tests on Human DNA, Glen Rein, PhD.


EarthCalm fully releases DNA energies

from the chokehold of EMFs and

boosts DNA energies well above pre-exposure normal.


International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC)

Product Testing by Dr. Walter Medinger


IIREC certifies EarthCalm Products harmonize disruptive EMFs (including geopathic),

with Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies;

stop stress reactions caused by EMFs;

and improve health. 


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