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Emerging Health Epidemic Linked to

EMF Exposure


“Every year we are getting more and more people coming in ....I’m very concerned, because the stories are very, very compelling ....These are not crazy people. There is a huge, huge problem.”


Dr. Riina Bray,

Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic, Toronto Women’s College Hospital, when asked to explain  the hospital's initiative to train family doctors to recognize symptoms of Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS). “National Post’” newspaper,

August 11, 2012.



Health Effects

EMF Dangers

Children & EMFS





Featured Articles:


EMF Protection:

Restoring the

Body’s Birthright


Reasons for the Impairing Effects of EMFs


EMF Effects on

the Body and

Child Development


The Wireless Epidemic: Controversy or Conspiracy?


A New Perspective on  Child Development in the Wireless Age







Some of the Many Benefits EarthCalm

Customers Report


Sense of calm and relaxation


Reduced pain and

relief of chronic pain


Mental clarity and enhanced performance


Increased energy and vitality


Greater resilience to colds and flu


Deeper, more refreshing sleep


Greater ability to handle stress


Reduction in frequency and severity of migraines


Improved blood pressure and diabetes readings


Stops the “hurt” associated with being electro-sensitive


For children:


Improved attention


Improved grades


Better emotional control


Improved Sleep


Reduction in frequency and severity of asthma symptoms


Improved impulse control and calmer behaviour


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Welcome to earthcalm.ca


Empowering Your Connection

For a Healthier Way of Life.

Quantum Biology Research


Test on Human DNA

Glen Rein, PhD.




Powered By Nature.

Backed By Science.


More than Just Protection


The EarthCalm Quantum Cell increases DNA transmission ability -associated with healthier cell replication, nearly 40% above pre-exposure normal. The Quantum Cell also completely blocks the damaging effects of cell phone radiation on DNA. more


The IIREC Seal certifies EarthCalm EMF Protection Products harmonize disruptive electromagnetic fields (including geopathic), with the natural frequencies of the Earth; stops stress reactions caused by EMFs; and improves health.  more

Independently tested and certified by IIREC


All electrical and wireless devices generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

EMFs never extinguish,

travel indefinitely through space, and

disturb other electromagnetic charges in their vicinity.



Risk to Health & Sanity

EMFs Disrupt the Body’s Electrical Processes -

The Driving Force Behind the Physical Body and the Mind.


EMFs erode the body and ruin the mind.  Though usually not perceived by the 5 senses, exposure to EMFs has measureable adverse effects on the body. The conclusion drawn invariably from these findings, is continuous exposure to EMFs causes:


unending tension in the body and general dysfunction that displays as health symptoms, and varies between individuals;

impairs the body’s healing processes; and

weakens one’s sense of well-being.


EMFs Restrict the Body’s Access to Earth’s Natural Electricity


Nature engineered the body’s electrical system to be guided by the information transmitted in the frequencies that form Earth’s electromagnetic field (Schumann Resonances). These planetary influences are essential for natural healthy, physical and mental functioning, immune system response, rejuvenation, and life itself.


Nature intended that the body’s own resonance naturally ground the body to Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Electro pollution within the body and in the environment’s natural electrical airwaves, limits the body's ability to "tune in" to Earth’s background frequencies. 



Eliminate Harmful EMF Effects With EarthCalm Products and

Experience the Difference!  



Living Earth Technology,

Restores and Protects the Body’s Natural Healthy Electrical Processes.


The Naturally Healthy and Sensible EMF Solution.


Living Earth Technology activates a highly specialized grounding of the body’s bio-energy field to the natural frequencies of Earth’s electromagnetic field (Schumann Resonances).


The ground is in essence, a natural electrical ground; as such it causes the body to naturally, safely, and gently discharge electrical currents inducted from its exposure to EMFs.


More Beneficial than Grounding or Earthing 

Connecting to Earth’s crust allows some dissipation of EMFs and connection to Earth’s surface energies.

Living Earth Technology

EarthCalm Products immerse the body deeply and fully

in Earth’s natural electromagnetic field for:


dynamic EMF shielding, and dynamic connection to the full spectrum of Earth’s life-giving energies.



A natural solution for the electrically-driven body!



Jean Gallick, inventor of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products, explains,

     Living Earth Technology, (video left) and

Earth’s Electromagnetic Field (Schumann Resonances) (video right).







More Than Just Protection 



EarthCalm Products Relax, Energize and Vitalize the Body.


While exposed to daily sources of EMFs, the body shifts to a natural healthier state within 5 minutes of introducing an EarthCalm product:


stress reactions subside;

healing energies increase; and

biological processes vital for health, clarity, and well being, improve.


The EarthCalm Quantum Cell Protector on an emitting cell phone, propels the electrical properties associated with efficient cell reproduction in human DNA. Compared to non-exposure, DNA self repair ability is heightened by almost 40% when exposed to an emitting cell phone equipped with the EarthCalm Quantum Cell Protector.


EarthCalm Products Create the Environment that’s Naturally Right for the Body.


EarthCalm Living Earth Technology in the home, office, car, hotel room ...installs Earth’s naturally occurring frequencies and eliminates EMFs and electropollution.


EarthCalm Products Convert EMFs into Safe and Beneficial Frequencies.


Adding EarthCalm protection to EMF producers such as a cell phone, wireless router, or home's electrical system, produce EMFs that:


form an electromagnetic field in harmony with Earth’s natural frequencies, moment to moment  -whatever they happen to be in the moment;

protect against incoming EMFs including geopathic; and

amplify the body’s inherent resonance and ground to Earth’s electromagnetic field.


These benefits extend to associated devices such as the smart meter, lighting, and appliances on the home’s electrical system, and all internet ready devices programmed into the home’s wireless router. EarthCalm technology, transforms EMFs with nil change to intensity or operation.


EarthCalm products support the body’s revitalization,

and bring calmness, mental clarity, and increased energy levels.


EarthCalm EMF Protection Products

Most Popular



home page resonators

Nova Resonator


home emf protection system

Home EMF Protection System


Cell phone radiation protection is easy!

Quantum Cell


Living Earth Technology, manufactured into every EarthCalm product, uses “Laws of Nature” to engineer quantum-based events.


Every specialized EarthCalm product is manufactured to include proprietary geometric circuits, which mirror the structure of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. These nature-driven circuits modulate (introduce electromagnetic information into) EMFs, to amplify the body’s inherent resonance and ground to Earth’s field.


EarthCalm’s products provide specialized protection from all EMF sources including the home’s electrical grid, cordless phone, cell phone, wireless router, smart meter, and sources originating outside the home. EarthCalm products work together, synergistically, adding layers of protection, as needed. See the complete product line.


EarthCalm Products are:


· 100% maintenance-free

· cost nothing to operate 

· function continuously

· always maintain their strength


EMF Protection That’s Simply Right for the Body. 




 Learn what sets EarthCalm apart from other EMF devices.


Living Earth Technology


Learn more about the ingenuity behind EarthCalm products.


Products & Pricing


Specialized products.

 for every level of health & age.


EarthCalm Products provide the ultimate in EMF protection

for healing, being well, and feeling good in a modern world.


90 Day Money Back Guarantee


EarthCalm’s Reputation

Founded over 25 years ago, EarthCalm has been actively researching and developing devices to protect, and facilitate recovery from, physical, emotional and cognitive impairment, due to EMFs. EarthCalm products are recommended by doctors, health professionals, and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers world-wide.

EarthCalm products are renowned worldwide for their powerful effects and ease-of-use by everyone including children, people with chronic conditions and those who identify as electrosensitive.

EarthCalm is consistently developing beneficial technologies and innovative devices in response to new sources of EMF exposure and increasing levels of electro-pollution, both inside and outside the home. The latest generation of products provides the deepest level in grounding technology; an important contribution in EarthCalm’s vision to assist in self healing, thus supporting the fullest potential of human experience and awareness.



Exclusive Canadian independent distributor for EarthCalm products, since 2008.

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The products and/or technologies listed on this website are not approved by Health Canada or any government health agency and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician or health care practitioner for any questions about EMFs and your health.


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